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Nargil Automotive has been a long-established and successful family-owned company that has been manufacturing surface improvement products for the automotive industry since 2002.With its wide and high-quality product range, it has been able to become one of the most reliable products providers in the region for years. Nargil has always aimed to keep the quality at the forefront of its products and therefore it attaches great importance to R & D activities. The products produced include surface polishing sponges, all apparatus used in polishing, microfiber cloths and intermediate bases used in the sanding industry. These products are also used in aviation, rail transportation vehicles, marine and furniture industries. Nargil Automotive, which is continuing its production in a 1000 m2 closed area in Bursa, currently has a widespread dealer network in Turkey and abroad.


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Nargil Surface Improvement Products
Velcro Polishing Compounding Foam
Nargil Surface Improvement Products